Running shoes for the Leavers Party!

Hello Everybody
Don’t forget its the Bishy Barnabees Day Nursery Leaver’s Party on Wednesday 18th July 1pm till 3pm.The children will be enjoying a mini sports day (weather permitting) and  a afternoon tea party.Tanya and Julie will be bring their running shoes :-)

3 thoughts on “Running shoes for the Leavers Party!

  1. Hello everyone at Bishy Barnabees Day Nursery in Mattishall. I’m really looking forward to watching all our older children enjoying their leavers Party and some party food yummy. can’t wait :-0

  2. Looking at the weather forecast over Mattishall, I think wellies might be needed instead of running shoes! But what ever the weather decides to do I’m sure we will have lots of fun and maybe there will be a few tears when we say ‘goodbye’

  3. Well, having just looked at the weather forecast again for tomorrow, it looks like Bishy Barnabees Day Nusery leavers party might get away with a dry day after all! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

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