Baby Snug

When babies join our Bishy Baby Snug the routine is both flexible and relaxed, and echoes the child’s own routine at home as much as possible. We are happy for mothers who want to breast feed to pop in, otherwise we will feed your baby expressed milk or formula supplied by you. Our Babies benefit from a wide range of daily activities, socialising with other children and familiar adults, listening and joining in with conversations and songs. There is plenty of space for physical play to kick and stretch, to learn to sit, crawl and walk in safety.

Mobiles, books, outings and interesting new objects are used to provide visual stimulation. Water, paint and other materials are used for messy play to develop tactile senses. Manipulative skills, such as holding, squeezing, shaking, turning and throwing are developed by playing with specially chosen toys.

We believe that contact with older children is mutually beneficial, so our children from both the Bishy BabyRoom and Ladybird Room spend short periods of time together throughout the week.

All our babies take home a Daily Diary to ensure parents/carers know what their child has been doing whilst at nursery. Each child in nursery has a ‘scrapbook’ which is full of photographs, observations and ‘special’ pieces of work that the children have completed during their time at nursery. A treasure to keep for the future.

Bishy Barnabees Day Nursery