Barnabee Clubbers

To enable parents with children at nursery

 and at school we offer the convenience of making just one stop before heading off to work by running our Barnabee Club, which caters for school children up to 10 years of age. The Barnabee Club is held in the same building as the Barnabees giving our younger children the opportunity to meet some of their older peers. If required, children can have their breakfast with us or just relax and meet with friends before heading off to school in one of our seven-seater people carriers.Once school has finished for the day, the children are collected from school and driven back to Bishy Barnabees where they can have their tea, if required, and participate in a variety of activities.

These may include, cooking, a variety of craft activities, computer games, playing rounders, cricket or French tennis, catching up on homework or just relaxing in the comfort of the ‘club’. We encourage the children to plan their own time with us to ensure they are doing activities, which are of interest to them. At present we collect from Mattishall Primary.

Bishy Barnabees Day Nursery