Ladybird Room

Our Ladybird Room is based in the main area of our first building. There is a dedicated ‘quiet area’, ‘messy play area’ and our children also have direct access to low level toilets and sinks. The Ladybird Room also opens out into our enclosed garden, which, during the warmer, drier months, the 

children can access when they choose. We do have a routine here, which the children quickly adjust to. At snack time we offer a ‘snack bar’ system, which encourages our children to become more independent, choosing their own food and deciding what they would like to drink from the healthy selection available to them.

There is a wide range of activities available to our children, which are mostly child-led with one, possibly two adult-led activities throughout the day. These activities include: play dough, gloop, water, sand, painting, sticking and gluing as well as construction, puzzles, threading, sewing and so on. We introduce the children to new experiences and opportunities to help build on their individual learning.

Our dedicated, experienced staff continue with the Follow Me on My Journey ‘scrapbooks’, taking photographs and observations to ensure your child is reaching their full potential and also to make these books a treasure for you to look back on when your child leaves us to start school.

Bishy Barnabees Day Nursery