olicies and Procedures

We have a very comprehensive set of policies.

Copies of these are available upon request.

Our policies set out how we deal with issues affecting our children and their families and provide structure, guidance and therefore help us to make sure that the service provided by Bishy Barnabees is of a high quality enabling us to keep your children safe and healthy.

They also ensure that being a member of our group is an enjoyable and beneficial experience for each child and their families.

Our policies are reviewed annually or sooner if the need arises.

These reviews ensure that we remain up-to-date with changes in legislation and childcare practices.

 Admissions Policy
 Admissions Procedure
 Anti-Bullying Policy
 Baby Sitting Policy
 Behaviour Management Policy
 Camara Policy
 Charging Policy  
 Child Protection Policy
 Compaints Form
 Complaint Record Sheet
 Complaints Procedure
 Confidentiality Policy
 Data Storage and Retention Policy
 Emergency Closure Procedure
 English as Additional Language Policy  
 Equality Inclusion and Diversity Policy
 Equipment and Resources Policy
 Food & Drink Policy
 Headlice Policy
 Health & Safety Policy
 Healthy Eating Policy
 Helper Guidelines
 Key Person Policy
 Looked After Children
 Missing Child Procedure
 Mobile Phone Policy
 Nappy Changing Procedure
 Non-Collection of Children Policy
 Observation Assessment and Planning Policy
 Parent Partnership Policy
 Procedure of Non Payment of Fees Policy  
 Safer Recruitment Policy  
 Safe Conduct of Outings Procedure
 SEND Policy
 Settling-in Policy
 Smoke Free Policy  
 Social Networking Policy  
 Staffing Policy
 Student Placement Policy
Touch Policy
 Transitions Policy
 Whisleblowing Policy
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